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OUT TO LUNCH finds the country's most entertaining finance professor Peter Ricchiuti conducting business New Orleans style: over lunch. Each week Peter invites guests from the New Orleans business world to join him, sometimes for fine dining others for pizza. From CEO's to startups, managers, musicians, biomed needle-movers, Silicon Bayou success stories and entrepreneurs of all stripes put aside the elevator pitch and the talking points and actually enjoy themselves. It's business, New Orleans style.
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We have a nationwide opioid epidemic. We consume a huge amount of alcohol. There’s a trend toward legalizing marijuana. And over 10% of us are prescribed mood altering medication.

These are all attempts at coping with life. Another approach to making life more bearable is to spend more time focusing on the good parts. That’s what my guests today on Out to Lunch do.

Tippy Tippens

Tippy Tippens is the CEO of a company called Goods That Matter. Goods That Matter makes and sells hand-made products, manufactured exclusively with eco-friendly materials, in the U.S. With every product sold, the company gives back to social and environmental causes. And in case you were assuming Tippy’s title, CEO, stands for Chief Executive Officer, it doesn’t – it stands for Chief Eternal Optimist.  

Chad Almquist 

Chad Almquist is co-owner of a business called Canoe and Trail Adventures that celebrates nature – taking folks out into the swamps and bayous around New Orleans. 

Chad is a Louisiana Master Naturalist and Canoe and Trail is a family business that has guided thousands of people into the swamps and bayous surrounding New Orleans for 45 years.  

Maybe we can’t all spend our work day actively contributing to the greater good – but at least we can say we know a couple of people who do.

Peter Ricchiuti

Photos at Commander’s Palace by Alison Moon.