Meet Our Crew!

Blake Langlinais
Blake Langlinais
Audio Engineer
Producer/audio engineer by day and keytar slinging merman by night, Blake Langlinais is an audio ninja who makes dreams into reality. Some say he was spawned from the Atchafalaya with a synthesizer in his hands while others swear he was once their server at a popping French quarter restaurant. 

Happy Hour Out to Lunch photographer Alison Moon

Alison Moon
Originally from Scott, Louisiana, Alison is a New Orleans photographer and recently completed her master’s in International Management and International Relations. Famous among friends and colleagues for her bread pudding and pumpkin recipes, Alison loves to travel, having been to roughly 30 countries so far. 

 Happy Hour Andrew C-Rock Cirac

Andrew “C-Rock” Cirac
Fact Checker & Social Media Connector
Hardly an episode of It’s New Orleans Happy Hour goes by when Andrew aka C-Rock doesn’t settle and argument or significantly illuminate a conversation. “C-Rock knows everything” is the common refrain around Happy Hour. C-Rock’s most common refrain is “I’ll have a beer.”

Happy Hour co host Andrew Duhon

Andrew Duhon
Co-Host, Happy Hour
Andrew’s regular day job is a touring songwriter. When he’s off the road and home in New Orleans he co-hosts It’s New Orleans Happy Hour and challenges himself to have a new draft of a tune he’s been working on fresh for each show. Andrew has released four albums, the second of which, ‘The Moorings’, was nominated for a Grammy.  You can hear Andrew’s music wherever you typically steal music, catch him at a venue near you, pretty much wherever you live in the US or UK, or any time on Happy Hour.

 Happy Hour April Stolf

April Stolf 
Associate Producer, Happy Hour
April is a master manifesting Capricorn who loves other people’s pets and kids, especially goats! Incidentally, she is also a #1 Best-Selling Co-author of The Art & Science Of Success, an NLP Mindfulness Coach, the owner & designer of Namaste Couture, and a G.O.A.T. Yoga instructor. In between all of that, April is an Associate Producer of It’s New Orleans Happy Hour and frequently the life of the party at the show’s live recordings.

 Out to Lunch Acadiana Christiaan Mader

Christiaan Mader
Host, Out to Lunch Acadiana
Christiaan is the founder of The Current, a nonprofit news organization covering all things Lafayette. His work as a writer and reporter has appeared in The New York Times, Vice, Offbeat, Gambit, and The Advocate. Because it’s also compulsory for everybody in Acadiana to be in a band, Christiaan was also a founding member of influential indie-rock outfit Brass Bed.

Colin Peden
Audio Engineer, Out to Lunch Baton Rouge
Colin is a radio producer and audio engineer, and substitute All Things Considered host at WWNO New Orleans and WRKF Baton Rouge. He recently ran his first half marathon at age 41 and grew okra this summer that was taller than his house. When not making high quality audio pieces for radio, he can be found listening to low quality audio pieces for punks.

INO Broadcasting Technical Director Eric Murrell

Eric Murrell
Technical Director, INO Broadcasting
Eric is the tech audio head honcho of all the shows produced by INO Broadcasting. He’s the reason you can hear these podcasts. 25+ years of live audio production has created a great appreciation for capturing and archiving conversations. And music. Eric has done live sound for countless international artists including orchestras and nationally televised live events like The Grammys. Above all, though, Eric is a Native New Orleanian who sees the value of what is said, unrecorded, over a meal.

Happy Hour producer Graham daPonte

Graham da Ponte
Producer, Happy Hour
Graham is gifted with a 6th sense that enables her to place people of seriously disparate backgrounds together in combinations that lead to shared stories of bizarre commonality out of all proportion to sheer coincidence. When Graham is not using this gift to produce Happy Hour, she is using her powers of persuasion in court as a trial attorney.

Grant Morris

Grant Morris
Host, Happy Hour
Producer, Out to Lunch
Grant indulges both sides of his personality at INO Broadcasting, producing the serious series of network business shows, Out to Lunch, and hosting the irreverent, unpredictable It’s New Orleans Happy Hour podcast. Grant was a popular voice on legendary alt-music station The Zephyr and co-founder of webcast pioneer Fastband Globalcast. Grant is also a screenwriter for TV and film and an occasional songwriter.

Hope Byrd

Hope Byrd
Hope is a commercial photographer by day and concert photographer by night, Hope studied Arts Administration and Marketing at UNO with an educational stint in Prague, but threw all that way to focus on shooting musicians under the brand name The Gold Frame. Inspired by music and determined to capture it, Hope’s lens has captured a staggering range of performances from Deacon John and George Porter Jr., to Paul McCartney, George Clinton, Nas, Tom Petty, and many more. 

photographer Jill Lafleur

Jill Lafleur
Jill’s passion for photography began with many years of photographing wildlife and landscapes as she globe-trotted in pursuit of her other passion, conservation, and specialized in studying bird migration.  As so many Louisianans do, Jill returned home and has settled in the New Orleans area where she enjoys photographing the people, places, and podcasts of our great city!  In her spare time, you’ll find her underwater exploring the reefs of the Caribbean or the shipwrecks of the Gulf of Mexico.

Monique Pyle

Monique Pyle
Music Producer, Happy Hour
Originally from New York /New Jersey, Monique moved to New Orleans in 2012 and is in the epicenter of awesomeness as the Catering Manager at the iconic Jacques Imo’s. Monique is also Managing Director of the Positive Vibrations Foundation, and does booking and production for Bayou Boogaloo. 

Out to Lunch host Peter Ricchiuti

Peter Ricchiuti
Host, Out to Lunch, New Orleans
Peter teaches finance at Tulane University where he has received numerous teaching awards, and is Director of the managed fund and innovative post-grad teaching program, Burkenroad Reports. Peter is often quoted as a financial expert in national publications The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, CNBC and BARRON’s. If you want to catch Peter’s road show, he’s frequently a public speaker having addressed more than 1100 groups in 47 states and several countries.  

Louisiana Eats! Poppy Tooker

Poppy Tooker
Host, Louisiana Eats
Poppy is a bona fide New Orleans celebrity. In a city of serious foodies, Poppy is Queen. From her serious side as a founding force in the Farmer’s Market and Slow Food movement, to her entertaining perch on TV’s Steppin’ Out and her larger-than-life role as hostess of Poppy’s Drag Brunch, Poppy Tooker embraces life and living in a way seldom experienced. And she’s not doing it just for her own pleasure, Poppy wants you along for the ride.

Ross Shields

Ross Shields
Host, Psych Ward
A patient, doctor and superintendent of Psych Ward, comedian broadcaster “Dr Ross” was better known in New Orleans radio in the 90’s as The Rossman, a non de plume he also used on California powerhouse station 91X where he was equally legendary before returning to a stormy career on the Gulf Coast. Ross uses his real-life struggles with mental health to fuel the irreverent insanity of Psych Ward.

Stephanie Riegel

Stephanie Riegel
Host, Out to Lunch Baton Rouge
Stephanie was a member of the New Orleans news team at then-powerhouse WWL-TV before Hurricane Katrina blew her to Baton Rouge.  She was a freelance writer before becoming the Food Editor of The Advocate and then in 2012 became the Editor of the Baton Rouge Business Report.

Happy Hour tech director Thomas Walsh

Thomas Walsh
Technical Director, Happy Hour
Thomas is a radio producer and audio engineer in New Orleans. He is the project manager of The Listening Post, a community journalism and engagement project that creates and expands conversations about civic issues. He has produced programs and podcasts for The Southern Foodways Alliance, Le Show with Harry Shearer, and American Routes. If you want to geek out about movies with him, he’s seen every film listed on AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies and will happily talk to you about them all.