It’s New Orleans: Out to Lunch

Hosted ByPeter Ricchiuti

OUT TO LUNCH finds the country's most entertaining finance professor Peter Ricchiuti conducting business New Orleans style: over lunch. Each week Peter invites guests from the New Orleans business world to join him, sometimes for fine dining others for pizza. From CEO's to startups, managers, musicians, biomed needle-movers, Silicon Bayou success stories and entrepreneurs of all stripes put aside the elevator pitch and the talking points and actually enjoy themselves. It's business, New Orleans style.
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Great Idea – Out to Lunch – It’s New Orleans

When it comes to having a great idea in business, the difference between success and failure is hard to pin down till you’re one or the other.

Lisa Lloyd 'n Liz Shephard

Lisa Lloyd doesn’t have the luxury of hindsight. Lisa is an inventor. She has invented products that have made millions. And she has had days that weren’t so good. On today’s Out to Lunch Peter Ricchiuti discusses the invention business with Lisa Lloyd from the Lloyd Marketing Group.

Liz Shepherd is the founder of a business called Life City. Life City also deals in turning good ideas into reality. They help companies change – from traditional ways of doing business to green and sustainable practices that are also profitable.

Peter Ricchiuti 'n Justin Bayer

For his third great idea of the day, Peter introduces Justin Bayer and his entrepreneurial startup, Welcome to College. Hear a longer conversation about Welcome to College with Peter, Justin, Liz, and Lisa here

Photos on this page taken in the wine room at Commander’s Palace by Chet Overall.