It’s New Orleans: Out to Lunch

Hosted ByPeter Ricchiuti

OUT TO LUNCH finds the country's most entertaining finance professor Peter Ricchiuti conducting business New Orleans style: over lunch. Each week Peter invites guests from the New Orleans business world to join him, sometimes for fine dining others for pizza. From CEO's to startups, managers, musicians, biomed needle-movers, Silicon Bayou success stories and entrepreneurs of all stripes put aside the elevator pitch and the talking points and actually enjoy themselves. It's business, New Orleans style.
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Primo Premium – Out to Lunch – It’s New Orleans

If you drive a car, at some point in the next few days you’re probably going to need gas. If you fill up at the pump at a convenience store, your experience will never be the same after you listen to this edition of Out to Lunch. 

ethan cheramie, peter ricchiuti

Peter Ricchiuti is lunching with Ethan Cheramie, founder of PetroTV. That’s the company that owns and programs the TVs that play commercials on top of gas pumps. You might think you’re not paying any attention to those commercials. But wait till you find out what happens to your purchasing habits after you get gas.

Here’s another surprise. Do you know what goes on at the corner of Poydras and Camp Street in New Orelans? Inside a regular looking office building that most of us call “the Pan Am Building” is the world headquarters of an international insurance company that stretches across the entire American continent and into the Caribbean.

jose suquet

The Chairman, CEO and President of Pan American Life Insurance, Jose Suquet, joins Peter on Out to Lunch.

In a city filled with fascinating tales and mysteries behind closed doors, these two New Orleans stories are way out in the open. But chances are you know as little about them as the secret of Marie Laveau or the contents of Big Shot red drink.

jose suquest, ethan cheramie, peter ricchiuti

This a really informative and entertaining glimpse into New Orleans business.

Photos at Commander’s Palace by Alison Moon.  

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