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Tulane University A.B. Freeman School of Business finance professor Peter Ricchiuti holds court over lunch at Columns in Uptown New Orleans. Peter's lunch guests are New Orleans business people, from startups to CEO's, from artists to tech entrepreneurs, musicians to movers-and-shakers. New Orleans is on everybody's list as a great place to party but it's also on many lists of the best place to start a business. Peter's deeply knowledgable and equally levity-laden approach to business conversation neatly makese sense of the Crescent City's contradictions.

Your Secret Life – Out to Lunch – It’s New Orleans

When we get up and go to work each day, most of us assume that everyone else going to work is a decent person like ourselves. Even if we have competitors, our basic assumption is that they’re okay people – after all, they’re doing the same thing we are.

That’s not what going to work is like for Peter’s guests on today’s show. For both of them, their daily occupation is all about bad, or at the very least, misguided people.

ed roy, peter ricchiuti

Ed Roy is a private investigator and the President of the Louisiana Private Investigator’s Association. Ed works on the presumption that we all have three lives: our public life, our private life, and our secret life. Allegedly we all have a secret life. Ed has had a varied career – from being a star weatherman on TV in Lafayette to an FBI hostage negotiator – and draws on his vast experience to unearth your secret life.

daryl pfief

Daryl Pfief is CEO of Digital Forensics Solutions. Daryl has been a consultant for Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, AT&T, and Sony, and has worked with many state and federal agencies including the FBI and DARPA – a special projects agency of the Department of Defense. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your private information after someone hacks into a big company like Target, Daryl knows.

daryl pfief, ed roy, peter ricchiuti

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