Unlisted NOLA

On The Block – Unlisted NOLA – It’s New Orleans

You don t have to drive very far in New Orleans usually about a block or two will do it to find a blighted, abandoned house in even the nicest neighborhood. The reason most of these properties remain rundown when they re in an awesome location is they are mired in years of red tape…

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New! New! New! – Unlisted NOLA – It’s New Orleans

Ariana introduces us two of the coolest developers in the city. One developer who has two brand new construction houses in Mid City on huge lots. The other has a whole new downtown building with a fascinating history that is now a bunch of brand new apartments at affordable prices. If you re looking for…

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The Greatest Week of the Year – Spring in New Orleans – Unlisted NOLA – It’s New Orleans

Spring in New Orleans can last anywhere from a weekend to a few weeks. As soon as we start to get a little warm we know it might only be days away till it s hot. On this week s Unlisted NOLA, Ariana makes the most of the beginnings of Spring by introducing three real…

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