It’s not surprising that the advent of a rampant, contagious, deadly virus is changing the way we live. What perhaps is surprising, is the speed with which we’ve adapted to our new way of life. And the way we’ve put technology to work for us.

One of the most surprising of these changes has been the almost overnight embrace of telemedicine. If you haven’t already experienced it, telemedicine is where you have a virtual visit with your doctor. You’re at home, your doctor is at the clinic, and you’re having a video conference, on an app on your phone.

Telemedicine has been around for a while, but the Covid 19 pandemic has seen it ramp way up. For example, on Ochsner Health System’s telemedicine app, on March 2nd they had 39 visits. A month later, on April 2nd, they had 2,700.

The doctor will see you now - Ochsner Health System's Chair of Telemedicine and Digital Technology, Dr. David Houghton

The doctor will see you now – Ochsner Health System’s Chair of Telemedicine and Digital Technology, Dr. David Houghton

The System Chair of Telemedicine and Digital Health at Ochsner Health System is Dr David Houghton.

Get The Door, It’s Dinner

The other major technological adoption during the Covid era has been our newfound love of delivery. Before Covid, you might not have gotten food delivered from a restaurant. But there’s a good chance you do now. 

If you own a restaurant, and you always thought delivery was just for second-rate fast food, well, there’s a good chance you don’t think that way anymore. Delivery has been a lifesaver for restaurants during the pandemic. From the first days when they had to close completely, through the 25% and 50% occupancy restrictions, delivery has been another revenue stream for everybody, including the most unlikely, like Dickie Brennan’s and Sylvain in the French Quarter.

These kinds of restaurants don’t want to mess with Uber Eats, or even Waitr. Instead a lot of local restaurants – over 250 – prefer a specialized local delivery service, called d’Livery NOLA

Drew Herrington, co-founder of D'Livery

Drew Herrington, co-founder of NOLA style food delivery, D’Livery

The owner of d’Livery NOLA is Drew Herrington.

Photos by Jill Lafleur. Here’s some more conversation about food delivery and telemedicine.

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