Back when we first started making Out to Lunch in New Orleans, one of our earliest guests was a young woman by the name of Amy Chenevert. Amy had gone to a football game and realized that all the guys were wearing fan fashion, but there was nothing fashionable for women to wear on game day.

Tru Colors Game Day Amy Chenevert

From the clear bag to the sparkly jacket – Tru Colors Game Day Amy Chenevert

So Amy started up a company that made gameday apparel for women sports fans. That was back in 2007. During the 2019 football season, a new piece of women’s sports apparel started popping up. If you don’t have one yourself, you’ve probably seen someone wearing it. It’s a sparkly, sequined sports jacket, in appropriate Saints, Tigers, and other team colors.

That sparkly jacket marked Amy Chenevert’s return to sports fashion. After taking some time away from her business, Amy is back at the head of her company, Tru Colors Gameday. The company makes fashion items specifically for women to wear and take to the game on game day, centered on a very specific NFL women’s fashion accessory, the clear bag. 

Game Day Every Day

the New Orleans Saints, the LSU Tigers, and every other successful sports team know how to go out on the field and win. Everybody knows their position. Everybody knows the rules. Everybody on the team knows exactly what to do. But they still have a coach. You can’t even imagine a football team without a coach.

When an organization with a lot of moving parts is dependent on communication and on-the-fly decision making, it makes sense to have someone who can stand back and see the big picture. Which is why businesses have coaches too. Like Julie Couret.

it's game day every day for Executive Coach Julie Couret

it’s game day every day for Executive Coach Julie Couret

The companies Julie coaches are an impressive list that include GE, the Marriot, Sheraton, Entergy, Ochsner Health System, and many others.

Recently the question for a lot of businesses has gone from, “When will things get back to normal?” to “How do we survive if things never go back to normal?” Julie imparts a great deal of wisdom for businesses coping with Covid in this conversation.

Peter Ricchiuti with his Out to Lunch game day face

Peter Ricchiuti with his Out to Lunch game day face

Photos by Jill Lafleur. More conversation about the future of the NFL season with Saints CFO Ed Lang is here.

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