Music is apparently non-essential. So New Orleans musicians have no place to play. Some are doing live streaming from their homes, but others – like drummers and sax players – don’t have the kind of live streaming ability that, say, a singer-songwriter has. And then there’s this interesting factoid – Petco is regarded as essential and is still open. So here’s the obvious solution: Live From Petco. Musicians go play at Petco, if not in the store then at least in the parking lot.

That’s the wisdom that comes out of this Covid Zoom conversation aka Happy Hour.

Allison Hererra - Live from Petco

Allison Hererra – Director of Live from Petco

Back in the day when people went to work, Allison Hererra made social media influencer videos for people like personal injury attorney Chip Forstall. Allison is going to use her talents to film the Petco Sessions and put them up online.

Live from Petco headliner and Viral superstar sidekick Brian Hudson

Live from Petco headliner and Viral superstar sidekick Brian Hudson

Brian Hudson knows a thing or two about viral music videos. Brian is a street performer whose singing partner is internet sensation Grandpa Elliot, the older guy who sings Stand By Me on YouTube, Instagram and all over. The other interesting thing about Brian is, he’s a therapist.

Sage Rouge - day drinking champagne ready for LIve From Petco

Sage Rouge – day drinking champagne, ready for Live From Petco

Sage Rouge is a sax player who is making live streaming videos with her roommate, Mark, who is also a sax player. Together they’re releasing a series of videos that combine music and alcohol, called Day Drinking Duets.

Live From Petco - Vincent Giovanni's band Spylights

Live From Petco – Vincent Giovanni’s band Spylights

For a day job, Sage is a sax player in the band Spylights. Vincent Giovanni, the front-man lead singer and driving force behind Spylights, throws caution and social distancing to the wind for today’s show, putting together a 3-piece version of Spylights to play two songs on this Happy Hour.

Andrew Duhon - taking the internet and Petco by storm

Andrew Duhon – taking the internet and Petco by storm

Andrew Duhon takes us out with a rendition of his beautiful song about the heartache of separation, Coming Down Over Here.

Apparently, we’re all staying home till the middle of May, so we’ll see you back on Zoom Happy Hour next week.

Chicken Man, Asher Griffith

Chicken Man, Asher Griffith

Oh, and in the meantime, not everybody’s social isolation is totally dull and predictable. Listen to Asher Griffith’s story about shooting a chicken in the head.

Stay home and stay safe and see you back here in a week.

Photos by Jill Lafleur. Last week’s Covid conversation is here.