The women’s movement has been striving to define the place of women in the workplace, and in society in general, since the 1960’s. Although there have been some major turning points over the past half century, the era we’re in now may turn out to be one of the most significant and long lasting. In New Orleans, two very different women driven media businesses are contributing to this change.

Heide Winston Out to Lunch

Heide Winston

Heide Winston and her partner have launched Geaux Girl! magazine – a teen magazine with a sex-ed component. It’s a unique publication – partly written by girls themselves, and partly by experts in subjects relevant to teenage girls.

Ashley Angelico Out to Lunch

Ashley Angelico

Ashely Angelico and her partner run the very successful New Orleans Mom website along with similar resource-rich websites and organizations in Lafayette and Baton Rouge. The sites are updated daily with information for moms on subjects that range from how to cope in general, to where you can go with your kids today.

Ashley Angelico, Heide Winston, Peter Ricchiuti

Ashley Angelico, Heide Winston, Peter Ricchiuti

It’s been 60 years since 1960, and the beginning of what became known as The Women’s Movement. In that time, the place of women in the workplace, and society in general, has changed. One of the biggest changes we’ve witnessed most recently, is the change of expectations.  From the expectation of equal pay, to the normalization of women in positions of power – like CEO’s or the Mayor of New Orleans – and the simple expectation of equal respect, we seem to be in a refreshingly transformational era. Heide and Ashley are both in their own ways part of this movement.

Peter Ricchiuti hosts this enlightening conversation about New Orleans and Louisiana women and girls over lunch at Commander’s Palace.

Photos by Jill Lafleur.  For more conversation over lunch about women-driven businesses, check here.

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