You probably think you’ve heard every weird bad disastrous insane mistaken awful relationship story there is. You haven’t. Not till you hear comedian hypnotist Flip Orley document his 5 wives and explain the drunken tattoos all over his body with, “My 4th wife was Cajun.”

Flip Orley's 4th wife was Cajun

Flip Orley

Honestly, if you need to be reassured your own relationship is not so bad, or you want to bask in the relief of being in a good relationship, you have got to hear these extraordinary true tales of Flip’s wives.

Lenny Green's wife punched him in the face

Lenny Green

Musician Lenny Green has his own horror story. Namely, the time he came from a great gig to find his wife so mad that he was out all night playing music that she got out of bed and punched him in the face. “That was the beginning of the end,” as you might imagine. Lenny also sings a love song on this show complete with the chorus in which he dreams about “flipping you over.”

Andrew Duhon, Lenny Green, Flip Orley, Grant Morris

Andrew Duhon, Lenny Green, Flip Orley, Grant Morris

Strangely, for a guy who writes sad songs about the lonely and broken-hearted – the self-described genre of Sad Bastard music – Andrew Duhon is the one guy at the table with a stable relationship. And a beautiful new work-in-progress song about the state of the heart.

Fashion designer Claudia Croazzo was meant to be on this show but a last minute emergency took her away. Fate has a strange way of working things out. Claudia was spared having to listen to this kind of barroom talk, but on the other hand it’s doubtful we would have gotten to these kinds of bare-knuckle tales with the leavening influence of a sensible woman of the world at the table. This is a chance to be a fly on the barroom wall at The Maple Leaf.

Lenny Green, Flip Orley on Happy Hour

Lenny Green, Flip Orley

Photos by Jill Lafleur.

There are many more stories of complicated relationships on Happy Hour but perhaps none more intriguing than Me and My Shallow Vagina.