When we talk about the creative community in New Orleans we’re usually referring to musicians. But there are other creative communities in the Crescent City, including New Orleans fashion, models, actors, and a range of professions on the other side of the cameras.

People in the local model and photography communities have typically had to find work for themselves. That is until Elizabeth Perrin started up a creative agency called FT45.

new orleans fashion model turned agent Elizabeth Perrin

Elizabeth Perrin

Elizabeth’s history includes growing up in New Orleans, and modeling in New York and Paris. Switching to the other side of the camera, Elizabeth became a fashion photographer, and spent 22 years working in the film business in Hollywood. All of these experiences combine to create FT45, a full service talent and creative media agency.

From California Doctor to New Orleans Fashion Designer

Doctor turned designer Linda Shkreli

Linda Shkreli

Dr Linda Shkreli turned her back on a coveted position as a teacher of performance studies at CSU Northridge in Los Angeles to move to Hawaii and work in a Honolulu fabric shop. Along the way, Linda also started up what we call in New Orleans a “side hustle.” She founded her own creative business, which she called Breakthread Designs. With design as her primary focus, Linda decided to abandon Hawaii and California and settle in New Orleans.

Today, Linda’s New Orleans design company Breakthread Designs makes a range of designer pieces that include Mardi Gras costumes, custom clothing, and interior goods.

Starting a business and running a business are two very different skills. Starting and running a creative business where business success depends on your creative ability or the creative ability of others well, that’s a whole other world.

Out to Lunch host Peter Ricchiuti

Peter Ricchiuti

Photos from Commander’s Palace by Alison Moon.

Meet photographer and cinematographer Bob Perrin, Elizabeth Perrin’s dad, on Death: the podcast.