Worldwide Thibodaux – Out to Lunch – It’s New Orleans

In the 1600 s, Galileo discovered that the Earth was not the center of the universe. Until then, we thought everything revolved around us. There are still people who believe the universe revolves around New Orleans. It s Caitlin Cain s job to convince anyone who does not believe it, that it s true. Caitlin is the CEO of the World Trade Center of New Orleans. Just as an aside there is proof that we are the center of the universe. The New Orleans World Trade center was the first World Trade Center in the world. Jason DeRouen has a whole universe that revolves around him. Online. One day Jason was just a regular guy with a cell phone in Thibodaux. Today, Jason is The Cajun Ninja an online star with millions of viewers who watch his home cooking videos. Caitlin and Jason are both bringing New Orleans to the world. And bringing the world to New Orleans. And Thibodaux.

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