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From the Westbank to New Orleans East, there is a vibrant community of over 20,000 Vietnamese New Orleanians. Once a week host Kim Vu invites a guest to chat about Vietnamese etiquette, ancient proverbs, Vietnamese events in New Orleans, and Vietnamese food. A Vietnamese-American recently arrived from California, Kim combines her own discovery of the local Vietnamese community with her deep familiarity and love of Vietnamese life and customs. Kim and guests weave a tapestry of fun and pho, Hanoi and poboy, as VietNola explores the world of Vietnamese New Orleanians, here and in Vietnam.

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VietNOLA – Going for Gold – VietNOLA – It’s New Orleans

In her new book Dreaming of Money in Ho Chi Minh City, Allison Truitt covers everything from gold shops to temples. A Caucasian woman fluent in Vietnamese, Truitt spent...

VietNOLA – Your Favorite Professor – VietNOLA – It’s New Orleans

Anthropologist Hoang Nguyen digs into communities as far flung as Vietnamese hillside villages and our NOLA Viet community. Still living in Vietnam, in his spare time Hoang is a...

Let’s Talk Business – VietNOLA – It’s New Orleans

It’s all business talk with MQVN’s Business Development Counselor Khai Nguyen. From farmers co-ops in NOLA East to corner stores citywide, the Viets are everywhere in NOLA.

Wanderlusters Sing Hillbilly Soul in Saigon – VietNOLA – It’s New Orleans

Nick Rivette and ex-New Orleanian Davis Zunk of the Saigon-based Americana band the Wanderlusters talk crooning country for Saigon teenagers and Aussie embassy types.

VietNOLA – Coming Out Vietnamese Style – VietNOLA – It’s New Orleans

Timmy Vo goes where no man has gone before – openly gay in New Orleans East. Coming out in a traditional Vietnamese-American community has gotten people talking, notably the...

VietNOLA – Vietnamese Banquet Meets Fight Club – VietNOLA – It’s New Orleans

Dinner Lab Head Chef Paco Robert talks about fine dining in a NOLA boxing gym and a secret 15 course Vietnamese meal in an undisclosed location.

VietNOLA – Bottoms Not Up – VietNOLA – It’s New Orleans

Non-profit staff Daniel Nguyen talks teaching aquaponics to underemployed fishermen here and in Vietnam and teaches our listeners about Vietnamese karaoke-drinking etiquette in NOLA East.

VietNOLA – Easterner fo Life – VietNOLA – It’s New Orleans

Anh Gauthreaux shares what it’s like to grow up in New Orleans East, return, days after Katrina, for a Thanksgiving lunch amongst piles of trash, and eventually move her...

VietNOLA – Pastry Chef gets her Pie in the Sky – VietNOLA – It’s New Orleans

How does a Viet girl in the East break it to her parents that she’s not going to law school? Kieu Tran goes from amateur baker trained by youtube...