How do you create a life’s legacy? If you’ve ever had a bite of Chef Frank Brigtsen’s authentic Creole cooking, you’ve tasted it. From 1978 through the early ’80s, Chef Frank earned his culinary stripes in the kitchens of Commander’s Palace and K-Paul’s, working under the watchful eye of Paul Prudhomme. Building on those years of apprenticeship, in 1986, he opened Brigtsen’s Restaurant to local and national critical acclaim. The legendary New Orleans chef joins us to look back at his 50-year career in hospitality.

If you were ever fortunate enough to imbibe in a drink crafted by legendary British bartender Dick Bradsell, you certainly had a sip of his legacy. He created several cocktails that are now considered to be modern classics, most notably the Espresso Martini. His daughter, Bea Bradsell, is busy carrying on in her late father’s footsteps and shares his story with us.

Over at Turkey and the Wolf, you’ll find legacy in the making as that brash, bold, and fearless Mason Hereford is hard at work turning fine dining on its ear. The best part is, no one is more surprised by success than Mason! He’s back on the show again to tell us about his journey from working in barroom kitchens and fancy restaurants to running two acclaimed New Orleans eateries.