Southern Food From Four Sides

According to Matthew Raiford, when it comes to American haute cuisine, one need look no further than the South. On this week’s show, we explore the possibilities of Southern cuisine with celebrated authors and chefs – beginning with Matthew Raiford. The self-described CheFarmer is spreading the good word of his Gullah Geechee heritage through a new book, Bress ‘n’ Nyam.

Then, culinary superstar Sean Brock joins us to discuss his award-winning tome, “South.” In the book, Sean breaks down the essential elements of Southern cuisine, from corn bread to shrimp and grits, highlighting regional differences in certain dishes.

We also speak with author Ronni Lundy, who helps us break through some of the myths surrounding the isolated Appalachian region. Ronni discusses the intrinsic link between Southern Appalachians and their victuals.

Finally, we sit down with Edward Lee. Raised in Brooklyn to Korean parents, the celebrity chef found his soul in Kentucky. In his book, “Buttermilk Graffiti,” Edward shares stories of his personal journey to discover America’s new melting pot cuisine in the south.