When it comes to sharing our authentic food culture, there is no family as influential over time as the Brennans of New Orleans. Almost 80 years ago, Owen Brennan got the party started at the Old Absinthe House. Since that time, the family has grown and prospered, giving us all a wonderful time along the way.

On this week’s show, we sit down for the first time with the fourth generation of one of America’s premier food families. We hear from Ralph Brennan’s kids Kathryn Brennan McLeod and her brother Patrick, Dickie Brennan’s daughter Sarah and his nephew (Lauren Brennan’s son) Geordie Brower, and the cousin who is guaranteed to spice things up, president of Baumer Foods, Inc., Pepper Baumer.

This crew of cousins behaves much more like siblings. They are all very close in age, share much of the same interests, and are now raising a fifth generation – with Sarah, Geordie, and Pepper all adding to that growing number in just the last few months.

We also meet father-son chef duo Gus Martin and Gustar Martin. Gus and Dickie Brennan worked at Commander’s Palace when they were both in high school. Gus’ mom, Gustar’s grandmother, was the first female floor captain there. The Brennans treat their employees like family, which explains a bit about Gus and Gustar’s career with them.

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