St. Tammany Taste Quick Bites: Nick Asprodites of The Blue Crab Restaurant

Louisiana Eats podcast series, Tammany Taste Quick Bites. I’m Poppy Tooker.
Nick Asprodites didn’t originally intend to open one restaurant much less two. When he spotted an empty Lakeshore Drive lot for sale, his first thought was to build a fuel dock there, but once he ran the numbers he realized he’d need the support of a food and beverage operation to make it viable. When the Blue Crab Restaurant and Oyster Bar opened in 2013, Nick revived the tradition of lakefront seafood dining to the West End. In 2021, the now well-seasoned restaurateur and his family expanded to Lake Pontchartrain’s Northshore when they opened a second
waterfront Blue Crab at the Pointe Marina in Slidell.