How does a recipe become a retail offering? On this week’s show, we track the path of great dishes and drinks from restaurant to retail. We begin with the Bayou State’s spiciest new business, Louisiana Pepper Exchange. Founder and CEO Chris White tells the story of how a particular engineering feat of his led him to launch the new company.
Then, we visit with research and development chef Ross Robertson, who is often tasked with turning a restaurant’s signature drink or dish into a retail commodity. That’s a dream that Warren Chapoton, founder of Juan’s Flying Burrito, is currently pursuing. Warren and co-owner Jay Morris tell us the story of the New Orleans-based Creole-Mexican institution, and why they will soon be introducing their very own spice line.
Finally, Christa Cotton of El Guapo Bitters shares how her company is manufacturing bitters and syrups so that every home bar is capable of mixing professional-style cocktails.