King Cake Part Deux: Second Helpings

Mardi Gras 2022 may just be the year of the king cake – at least on Louisiana Eats it is! A few weeks back, we devoted an entire episode to the topic. This week, we’re back for seconds!

We begin with Patrick Bordnick. Like Pavlov’s dog before them, Patrick’s three canine companions have been conditioned to salivate whenever they encounter king cake. Nearly every day from Twelfth Night to Mardi Gras, Patrick and his pups sample a new one and rate it. Patrick then posts their conclusions on his Instagram page, where the whole family enjoys a following.

Then, we hear more from Matt Haines, author of “The Big Book of King Cake.” We explore the countless varieties of king cakes from across the state, and the bakers behind each innovation.

Finally, we meet king cake baker extraordinaire Dominique Rizzo of Celtica Bakery. Like his popular baguettes and croissants, Dominique’s authentic French galette des rois is a game changer in New Orleans.