There’s a lot brewing in Louisiana today. On this week’s show, meet the innovators, the brewers, and the mixologists who are making that magic happen. We begin with the newest – Wetlands Sake. That favorite drink of Japan is now being made right here in our state using Louisiana rice. Founders Nan Wallis and Lindsey Beard give us a tour of the first sake brewery in the Bayou State.

Then we meet PJ Coffee’s founder, Phyllis Jordan, who brewed up a revolution when she first began serving cold brewed iced coffee in New Orleans in the 1980s.

We also hear from David Blossman, president of the Abita Brewing Company, the first craft brewery in our state.

Finally, we speak with Steve Hindy, co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery and author of The Craft Beer Revolution, where he explores the history of craft beers and what it means to be a craft brewer.