Down here in Louisiana, we’re currently enjoying one of the longest king cake seasons possible. On this week’s show, we explore our favorite Carnival treat with Matt Haines, author of the “The Big Book of King Cake.” Matt uncovered amazing historical facts and chronicled the lives and cakes of 75 bakers while writing his new coffee table tome.

For Martha Gilreath, king cake is more than just a seasonal treat. It represents a fresh start. These days, you’ll find Martha online at her pop-up bakery Nolita, serving up her signature king cakes, but she had to overcome huge odds to get there. Martha tells us about her journey.

We also remember our friend Will Samuels, the entrepreneur behind the King Cake Hub – a concept that has helped New Orleanians discover king cakes from far and wide. Will was taken by cancer in September of last year at the age of 52. Jennifer Samuels is currently continuing the family business following her husband’s death.