Southeast Louisiana is home to an unusually wide range of family owned and operated restaurants, shops, and companies. Some have just started, while a surprising number of them are generations old. On this week’s show, we look at three different flavors of family businesses in the greater New Orleans area.


First, we have a taste of Chisesi Brothers spicy Cajun meats and hear the delicious story of their 100-plus year-old family history from 5th generation Nicholas Chisesi and his octogenarian dad, Philip.


Then, we visit father-son duo Carlos and Will Avelar at their new family business, Mawi Tortilleria in Metairie. Will was a rising star in the culinary world when he and his father decided to join forces to provide fresh, authentic corn tortillas to the community.


And finally, we speak with Bryan Batt and Katy Danos, authors of Pontchartrain Beach: A Family Affair. Founded by Bryan’s grandfather Harry Batt in 1928, the amusement park was a summer destination for 55 years.