On this week’s show, we meet some individuals who are working to tackle the widespread problem of food and water waste.

Laid off during the pandemic, hospitality workers Adam Orzechowski and Emily Shoemaker combined a zero-waste commitment with a fermenting obsession that resulted in a new business they aptly named Farm to Funk. Adam and Emily are now bubbling up internationally-based concoctions using refuse from local farms that customers are snapping up at pop-up markets across the area.

Then, we speak with Baton Rouge-based food industry veteran Susanne Duplantis. Her blog, Makeover My Leftover, offers tips on how to transform yesterday’s scraps into today’s delicious meal.

Next, Lindsay-Jean Hard tells us about her book, Cooking with Scraps, which provides a reference guide for zero-waste cooking.

Finally, we dive into the tempestuous depths of global water issues. EPA water scientist Eliot Sherman discusses water conservation and its impacts on the food and beverage industry.