The holidays may look different this year, but one thing is certain: a little wine is sure to make them just a little brighter. On this week’s show, we dig deep into the proverbial wine cellar for some gems that will inform, advise, and get you ready to pop those corks.


We revisit our conversation with the late Dolores Cakebread, who, with her husband Jack, founded Cakebread Cellars in Napa Valley. Dolores tells us about the early days of California’s wine country and how she and Jack got into the business. Then, we join professor Michael Weiss, former sommelier at Arnaud’s Restaurant and Chair of the Wine Department at the Culinary Institute of America, for a masterclass in wine tasting.


We also hear from the irreverent, rollicking sommelier Richard Betts, whose mantra is “wine is a grocery, not a luxury.” Finally, Bryan Burkey of the Wine Institute of New Orleans demystifies the bubby elixir known as champagne.


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