Louisiana Eats Quick Bites: D’agostino Pasta

On this Louisiana Eats Quick Bite, we learn about L.H. Hayward’s 2019 acquisition of D’agostino Pasta, a Louisiana company with Sicilian roots. Since 1926, D’agostino Pasta has handcrafted its pasta using old world methods that include air-drying over wooden rods. The semolina used is made entirely from American durum wheat.

Visually, D’agostino pasta is stunning, with spaghetti lengths usually only seen imported from Italy. Its full, fifteen-inch length allows for both dramatic presentations and fun, slurping opportunities.  There are seventeen different varieties, many rarely seen on American grocery shelves like Elena, the width of a fettuccine noodle with a sexy ruffled edge reminiscent of lasagna. Additionally, D’agostino has added three emblematic Louisiana shapes to the line, alligators, crawfish and fleur de lis, perfect for gifts.

A feature of handmade pasta is its slightly rougher texture, which makes sauce cling better. D’agostino’s award winning sauce adds even more authenticity to a spaghetti dinner. With a bright, fresh flavor, made with two specific varieties of vine-ripened tomatoes and field fresh basil, the sauce is offered in two styles – pezzo for chunky and levigato for smooth.

Vince Hayward is so proud of their delicious sauce that his podcast interview even includes a special throw down challenge for jarred pasta sauce lovers. Listen all the way to the end to learn just how strongly he feels about the quality and taste of D’agostino sauce.

One thing is certain – D’agostino pastas and sauces make for some good Louisiana Eats!

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