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On Louisiana Eats! NOLA food icon Poppy Tooker takes us into Louisiana's wide open fields, deep waters, bustling markets, and busy kitchens. Poppy's people are carrying on the traditions of Louisiana's wholly local but universally celebrated food, from farm to table, and sometimes barroom! Poppy roams the State to find the folks whose inspiration and innovation are taking the abundant wealth of Louisiana's food culture into the future. Let's eat!

Hot Air Frying With A Cold Brew

On this week’s show, we analyze the air fryer – a popular cooking gizmo that uses hot air to cook everything from French fries to chickpeas to cinnamon rolls. This countertop contraption promises to replicate all the crispy results of deep frying, but without the fat, and has become a home cook’s
must-have – depending on who you talk to.

We hear from three foodies who have written about their adventures in air frying. Kitchen appliance expert Sharon Franke explains how the air fryer works, while Fork to Spoon‘s Laurie Fleming shares the story of how it transformed her family’s kitchen. We also get the lowdown on air frying Louisiana-style with Times Picayune/Advocate columnist, Judy Walker.

Then, we move on to other food science experiments that have met with great success. We meet Austin Sherman and Alexis Korman, founders of Big Easy Bucha – a kombucha brewing business that has set the Gulf South on fire with innovative local flavors. What’s brewing at Big Easy Bucha is a lot more than fermented tea! They’re brewing a healthy, social justice revolution.

Finally, we visit New Orleans coffee guru Tom Oliver at his Mid City shop, Coffee Science, to dissect the science behind brewing coffee.

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