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On Louisiana Eats! NOLA food icon Poppy Tooker takes us into Louisiana's wide open fields, deep waters, bustling markets, and busy kitchens. Poppy's people are carrying on the traditions of Louisiana's wholly local but universally celebrated food, from farm to table, and sometimes barroom! Poppy roams the State to find the folks whose inspiration and innovation are taking the abundant wealth of Louisiana's food culture into the future. Let's eat!

Sicily, Louisiana Style

If you’re a Louisiana native with a distinctly Italian last name, you’ve got lots of company here. Since the late nineteenth century, more families of Sicilian descent have called Louisiana home than anywhere else in the world except Sicily. This is a topic that has fascinated Loyola history professor, Justin Nystrom – enough to compel him to record their history and influence here in his 2018 book, Creole Italian: Sicilian Immigrants and the Shaping of New Orleans Food Culture.

Professor Nystrom joins us to further illuminate the topic before we hear from Vince Hayward, CEO of L.H. Hayward and Company – an old New Orleans business that recently came to the rescue of an endangered Louisiana Italian pasta brand – Dagostino. Vince explains what compelled him to save that family business.

Finally, our friend, Chris Jay of Stuffed and Busted gives us a taste of Sicily – Shreveport style – when we learn all about the Gullo family, who have been keeping their Italian traditions alive in North Louisiana at Gullo’s Fresh Produce & Classic Bake Shop.

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