Louisiana Eats Quick Bite: The Ultimate Air Fryer Quick Bite

Do you already have an air fryer on your kitchen counter or are you hoping to receive one as a gift this holiday season? On this edition of Quick Bites we’re diving deep into the hottest of all kitchen appliances and what comes out of them – the air fryer.

We begin with appliance expert, Sharon Franke,

a New York based, former professional chef who has been testing home kitchen appliances for over thirty years. Then, we hear from Laurie Fleming, who describes herself as “just a mom” despite the fact that she’s also the author of the wildly successful Essential Air Fryer Cookbook. You will not believe the things Laurie does in her air fryer!

And our local food writing maven, Judy Walker weighs in on how she is getting authentic tasting Louisiana fried foods out of her air fryer and has been losing weight in the process! Finally, I go into my kitchen with an air fryer and see what all this fuss is about myself! One thing’s for sure, there’s a lot of hot air circulating on this Louisiana Eats Quick Bites!

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I’m Poppy Tooker and Louisiana Fish Fry Air Mixes make for some good Louisiana Eats!




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