Born And Bread In New Orleans

If you’ve ever had a New Orleans Po-Boy then you know it’s all about the bread…  Real New Orleans French bread is something you can’t just get anywhere, or at least that’s what we thought.  We decided it was time to get down to the dough of it and see what is happening with bread in New Orleans

We begin the show with Graison Gill,  pre-pandemic his Bellegarde bakery was milling and baking fresh bread for over 120 local restaurants and markets.  During a visit to his apple street bakery he explained to us  how his affinity for New Orleans and baking came to be.

Then we speak with John and Jason Gendusa of the John Gendusa bakery the originators of the the Poor Boy and that famous loaf.  We even get to hear who they think bakes the best bread.  

Finally, we get a bit of New Orleans Cultcha with the Leidenheimers.  Sandy and William Whann joined us via zoom to tell us about their famous loaf and how their bakery has survived for nearly 125 years.  

We’re buttering our bread on this week’s Louisiana Eats.

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