Scandinavian Chilldown

There’s no getting around it – August is HOT down here in Louisiana, so we thought a virtual vacation in Scandinavia just might provide a little chill. We begin with chef and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson. His Scandinavian connection is that although Ethiopian born – he was raised by adoptive parents in Sweden, giving him an unusual world view. The James Beard Award-winner and Top Chef master is also author of the bestselling memoir, Yes, Chef.

We sit down for an extended visit with Marcus, as he shares the story of his remarkable journey from his childhood in Ethiopia and Sweden to international renown.

Then, we speak with Swedish Chef Magnus Nilsson, who showcases the diversity of Scandinavian cuisine in his enormous tome, The Nordic Cookbook.

After our adventure with Magnus, our Nordic food investigation concludes with the great culinary academic, Darra Goldstein whose cookbook, Fire and Ice examines this region of extremes.

So sit down and chill down – there’s plenty of aquavit to go around – on this week’s Louisiana Eats!

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