Culinary Voyages.

On this week’s show, we gather together some of the best of the cookbook world for some vicarious travel.

We begin with culinary superstar Sean Brock. In his bestselling cookbook, “South,” the award-winning chef breaks down the essential elements of Southern cuisine, from corn bread to shrimp and grits, highlighting regional differences in certain dishes. Sean sits down with us to discuss his book and explain what he’s doing to explore the possibilities of Southern food.

Sean Brock’s South

Then, Alabama-born expat Marti Buckley takes us to Spain’s Basque region, which she explores in her cookbook “Basque Country.” We learn why the culture and cuisine of the Basque people enticed Marti to abandon her Southern roots for a decidedly different kind of life.

Finally, Christina Quackenbush of the New Orleans pop-up Milkfish tells us about her contribution to “The New Filipino Kitchen,” a collection of 30 recipes and stories from chefs and home cooks of the Filipino diaspora.

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