America Eats

On this week’s show, we’re celebrating the 4th of July holiday by savoring the remarkable diversity that shapes America’s food culture.

We begin with Gabrielle Langholtz, author of “America: The Cookbook.” Gabrielle’s encyclopedic tome explores our nation’s identity through the immigrant stories and recipes that created American food as we know it.

Then, James Beard award-winning author Adrian Miller discusses the African-American men and women who fed our nation’s first families, from the Washingtons to the Obamas.

Next, spirits expert Noah Rothbaum joins us. His book, “The Art of American Whiskey” uncovers our country’s history through old whiskey labels. He takes us back to the era of Prohibition and its clandestine speakeasies, as well as the state of the liquor industry immediately following its repeal.

And finally, we become “as American as apple pie” with Kate McDermott, also known as “the Piechiatrist.” Kate has hosted workshops and written books on the craft of pie-making, including the James Beard Award-nominated title, The Art of the Pie.

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