Quarantine Kitchen Confidential

With the state under lockdown due to Covid-19, Louisiana residents spending more time in their home kitchens than ever before. On this week’s show, food columnist and Cooking Up a Storm co-author Judy Walker joins us with ideas and advice on how to make delicious meals during this pandemic, even if you’re using a limited pantry.

Are you isolating at home with children? Or maybe just your furry friends? Authors Melina Hammer and Brandon Shultz make mealtime fun for everyone in the family. Filled with over 75 surprisingly sophisticated and healthy recipes, Melina’s bestselling cookbook, Kid Chef: The Foodie Kids Cookbook, is a crash course in culinary training. And Brandon’s two volumes of recipes called Cooking For Two are filled with ideas for meals that pet lovers can safely share with their cat and dog.

Judy Walker author of Cooking up a Storm

Judy Walker Author of Cooking up a Storm

Finally, blogger and cookbook author Edwin Garrubo invites us all to his family’s Sunday Pasta supper, with a year’s worth of pasta recipes from his book of the same name.

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During this crisis, folks statewide are stepping up to help their communities through food. Is there an individual, group, or organization that is making a difference to you or your community? Give these Covid Culinary Heroes a shout out by tagging us on social media or leaving us a message on our phone line. We may share your story on a future program. We can be reached at 504-264-3149.