In our second Happy Hour by Zoom we manage to take advantage of not being able to hang out in a bar and instead talk to people all across the country in a new concept we’re calling Covideo from New Orleans. Yes, that’s in questionable taste, but after all it is Happy Hour.

Mike Rubin - Happy Hour Covideo Zooms the Covid 19 crisis

Mike Rubin – Covideoing in from his persh on San Francisco

Mike Rubin is stuck in his second week of isolation in San Francisco. When times are normal Mike has a photography business called Neomodern, in which people walk into his photo gallery with their phones filled with photos and with the assistance of experts walk out with a framed print on archival quality paper. It’s a brilliant idea that has been around for 3 years but Mike’s dilemma is, does he hang on and hope the world returns to how it was, or does he embrace change and morph into something different? He’s at this point heading along the latter avenue.

Katrina Brees - it's Covideo casket time

Katrina Brees – it’s Covideo casket time

Katrina Brees is sitting on a possible Covid-driven windfall. Not only did her 10 year old movie about her Vagina from the Future who cures a Chinese-born virus predict this whole current scenario, but she has long been in the funeral and casket business. Katrina’s Fantastic Casket business is fundamentally a  DIY coffin, though now she is moving into a whole new arena of disposing of dead bodies which involves melting flesh and crushing bones. In case you think this is a piece of mis-reporting or exaggerated in some way, take a listen to this conversation.

Rich Collins - Covideo from New Orleans

Rich Collins – Covideo premieres his newest song

Rich Collins had a great year lined up which included an Asian tour and a solo spot at Jazz Fest. Well, that’s all changed. However, he still has a trove of great new songs, one of which he plays on this show, about the pleasures of driving around aimlessly and cranking up the radio.  Hopefully those days will return in the not too distant future.

Andrew Duhon gets his cable fixed in the middle of this show, just in time to play an almost acapella song.

Grant Morris covideos from Uptown

Grant Morris covideos from Uptown

Photos by Jill Lafleur.

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