When we started making podcasts in New Orleans 10 years ago, we encountered a lot of skeptical questions, among them “What happens when you run out of good guests, in 6 weeks?” and “What’s a podcast?” One of the questions we didn’t hear was, “What happens if every bar and restaurant in the city shuts down?” That sure would have been funny, but it’s turning out to be no joke. So, welcome to New Orleans Coronavirus. Part 2.

Our show is coming to you today courtesy of Zoom. All of our crew and our guests are quarantined in their homes.

Polyamorous Professor Mimi Schippers

Polyamorous Professor Mimi Schippers

Mimi Schippers was last on Happy Hour when she was a younger woman and in a polyamorous relationship with two people. Those relationships have matured into something different (though not much different from your average long-term relationship actually, aka no sex)  and Mimi has matured into a respected academic who is head of the Sociology Department at Tulane University and a world authority on polyamory and Queer Studies.

Matt and Melissa DeOrazio, the Dirty Rain Revelers

Matt and Melissa DeOrazio, the Dirty Rain Revelers

Melissa and Matt DeOrazio (pronounced “Dee-Razio” the “O” is silent) are a married couple with no polyamorous desires. They’re collectively The Dirty Rain Revelers and are in the process of using the Covid hiatus to tidy up around their apartment, record new songs and play live online. Well worth checking out. And let’s face it, you’ve got the time now to go all kinds of online rabbit holes like listening to bands and checking out Americana music.

That's Andrew Duhon, bottom center

That’s Andrew Duhon, bottom center

And while you’re doing that, go investigate what Andrew Duhon is up to. Andrew had to abandon his tour when it became illegal to play music to people in a room if they were closer than 6 feet apart, and then soon after there were no rooms even open in the US to go hear music. Can you believe this is even true and not some sort of drug-induced bar room drunken conversation like we normally hear on Happy Hour? Crazy. But we do get to hear a beautiful downer classic Andrew Duhon song on this show, called Almost Forever.

Ryne Hancock had his Twitter account suspended when he “went off on a Nazi” who apparently said bad things about his Aunt Mandy. Ryne’s ex-landord was a crack addict who somehow managed to do a lot of crack while still holding onto rental property and retained functioning limbs while owing drug dealers money all over town.

Photos by Jill Lafleur.

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