Mardi Gras and Day of the Dead are two very different holidays. But in 2020 Mardi Gras Death is a real thing. It’s Ash Wednesday 2020, the day after the deadliest Mardi Gras, possibly of all time.

Julie Couret is a witness to what happened. As a regular TV commentator camera crews sought Julie out right after the event and today, with the benefit of a bit hindsight, Julie gives us a first hand account of riding in the Nyx Parade just a few floats behind the woman who was killed trying to walk between the two sections of a tandem float.

Julie Couret relates her first hand account of death of the Mardi Gras parade route

Julie Couret was in the Mardi Gras parade when the woman was killed by a float

Was the woman cut in half, as people reported? (Julie says she knows the person who tried to giver her CPR so it’s doubtful she was in two pieces.) Was Mardi Gras 2020 cursed by the spirits of the dead people trapped inside the collapsed Hard Rock Hotel on Canal Street? (The jury is out on that one.)

Mark Carson's worst night ever was dealing with a greasy stripper in Destin

Mark Carson’s worst night ever was dealing with a greasy stripper in Destin

Dr. Mark Carson is a professor of history. But nobody mentions that small detail until the last moments of this Happy Hour, after Mark has played one of the nearly 2,000 songs he’s written – this one appears on a Papa Grows Funk album and it’s about a New Orleans character who used to hang out outside the Maple Leaf Bar where this show is recorded – and recounted his worst nightmare from years in bands. You’ll wish you had a nightmare like this. Julie summarizes it as, “Having to deal with the oily grease from a stripper’s tits.”

Julie Couret's bumble date and Mark Carson's 30 year marriage to a groupie

Julie Couret’s going on a second Bumble date, Mark Carson is still married to the British groupie he met 30 years ago

All in all, for the day after the deadliest Mardi Gras ever – in which two separate people were killed in bizarre Mardi Gras parade accidents, both run over by the back half of a tandem-float – this Happy Hour is pretty punchy.  We get to hear how Julie get meets a guy on Bumble, and how – thanks to and Facebook – she finds the brother she never knew she had, who came to be born as a result of a date her father barely remembers going on back in the day.

Photos by Jill Lafleur. 

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