Answering The Eternal Question – The Chicken Or The Egg

Chickens and their eggs play essential roles in our global cuisine. A part of human life since before recorded history, the chicken has also left its mark on our civilization as a cultural icon. On this week’s show, we explore the world of our fine, feathered, fowl-est friends—and learn why their eggs are everything they’re cracked up to be.

Chicken and Egg
Credit: instantbystandr
Agency: Flickr

We begin at Brennan’s Restaurant, a French Quarter mainstay that has gained an international reputation for its extravagant breakfast. For their poached eggs alone, Brennan’s goes through over half a million eggs each year. We join Executive Chef Ryan Hacker in the kitchen to learn how his team perfectly poaches hundreds of eggs at a time to feed crowds of hungry morning diners.

Next, we hear from historians Andrew Lawler and Adrian Miller. Andrew explains to us how chickens powered human civilization, while Adrian offers insight into the culinary and social history of the “Gospel Bird,” or fried chicken. Adrian also tells us about the unlikely origins of chicken and waffles.

Finally, we visit the Roosevelt Hotel, where Chef Carl Cushenberry‘s famous fried chicken is available every Monday. We visit Carl in the kitchen to learn what elevates his fried chicken to rock star status. But he’s not giving away any secrets!

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