Keto Fat Bomber, Susan Freeswick

Susan Freeswick

Sure it’s heresy to eat King Cake before 12th Night but Susan Freeswick brings a load of awesome food to this edition of Happy Hour, including King Cake, and gets a NOLA Heresy Pass because it’s all Keto from her bakery Everyday Keto to Go. And in the middle of this conversation about the incredible health benefits of giving up all sugar and carbs (including fighting cancer btw), Susan’s Keto Fat Bomb explodes the myth of celebrity.

“Don’t confuse celebrity with Wealth”

Strictly, it’s writer Thomas Beller who explodes the myth of celebrity.

ex rock drummer turned celebrity author Thomas Beller

Thomas Beller

Tom set out to be a rock star, as the drummer in a New York band. Along the way he stumbled into a different kind of stardom: as a staff writer for The New Yorker, the pinnacle of all writing gigs ever, anywhere. Tom describes the night he hung out recently with another superstar writer, playwright Tom Stoppard – the night neither of them had anything to do after the Rolling Stones canceled their Jazz fest gig – and British Tom imagined that New Yorker Tom “must have felt like a dog with five tails” the year he had the New Yorker gig.

If you’d like to know what happened to the rest of the guys in New York Tom’s band, check this out: You can find Thomas Beller down on Canal Street staring at the crumpled Hard Rock Hotel or at Tulane directing the creative writing course.

Dave Jordan explodes the myth of celebrity

Dave Jordan

Singer/songwriter Dave Jordan’s take on celebrity is, “Everybody in New Orleans thinks they’re a celebrity.” Not that they’re delusionally believing they’re the greatest guitar player of all time like some kind of loser wandering along Hollywood Boulevard, but they claim celebrity of a more totally NOLA nature in claiming they make the best gumbo or fried turkey on the planet – where “planet” ends at the spillway.

Dave plays two songs on this show, one off his latest album, Burning Sage, the other a cover of Bob Dylan song that Andrew Duhon joins him on.

Asher Griffith shoots over Andrew Duhon's shoulder

Asher Griffith, Andrew Duhon

For his part, Andrew Duhon is writing a new album and premieres a brand new song he’s just finished writing with Anders Osborne, called Everybody’s Got a Little Piece of the Map.

If you’re listening to the conversation here about high school drinking and wondering, “What did ever happen to Friar Tucks bar on Freret Street?” this true story might interest you. 

You may also find these kind of hilarious yelp reviews interesting:

It’s new Orleans Happy Hour is recorded live over drinks at The Freret Beer Room. Photos by Jill Lafleur.

Hear another Andrew Duhon/Anders Osborne song here.