On this week’s show, we remember New Orleans culinary dynamo Carl Schaubhut, whose life was cut tragically short on September 9, 2019 at the age of 37 following a five-year battle with cancer. We begin by revisiting our 2017 conversation with Carl, where he tells us about his electrifying career that included opening two critically acclaimed restaurants DTB in New Orleans and Bacobar in Covington.


After his cancer diagnosis in 2014, Carl remained active both in the kitchen and as a volunteer for culinary benefits and local causes. We explore one of his favorite projects: Ochsner’s Eat Fit program. Launched in 2013 by registered dietician Molly Kimball, Eat Fit encourages local chefs to offer more healthful options on their menus. Carl was named Chef Ambassador of the program in October 2017.


Last month, Molly released The Eat Fit Cookbook, a collection of recipes from Eat Fit partners throughout Louisiana. When Molly began work on the book, she sought out the assistance of Carl and his former colleagues at Commander’s Palace, Ti Martin and Tory McPhail. We join Ti, Tory, and Molly at Commander’s to discuss the cookbook, the Eat Fit program, and Carl’s legacy.


In his final months, Carl turned to painting both as an outlet for his boundless creative energy and as a way to financially support his family. You’ll find a link to view those paintings and information on how to contribute to the trust he established for his two children on our website, PoppyTooker.com.