Dominic Sgro has your free tattoo ready to ago, anywhere but your face

Dominic Sgro

Dominic Sgro owns a typically New Orleans tattoo shop, complete with an on-staff magician and live music. At Catahoula Tattoo & Gallery Dominic will give you a free tattoo, as long as it’s not on your face. And it also has to be the logo of the tattoo shop – which is a catahoula wearing a death mask – but who wouldn’t want that inked on their bicep, right?

Free Tattoo For A Song

Winston Triolo from the band Motel Radio is going to trade playing a set at Dominic’s shop for a tattoo of his truck on his forearm.

Winston Triolo from Motel Radio loves his truck

Winston Triolo

If you’re waiting for a punchline, sorry. Winston’s longest relationship is with his truck and before it dies he wants to memorialize it in ink on his arm. He’s apparently not worried about what the inevitable new truck might think about the old truck permanently on his arm, but apparently the new truck is just going to have to learn to live with Winston’s past.

Comedian Matt Owens is Wendy

Matt Owens

Comedian Matt Owens is going straight from Happy Hour to headlining a comedy show at Southern Rep. And today’s the day the trailer for Matt’s new film comes out. The film is called Wendy and it’s about Wendy from Peter Pan. It’s a big deal Hollywood movie complete with special effects and a giant budget. Matt Owens is a much bigger deal comedian than you might think from his under-the-radar life in New Orleans.

Andrew Duhon is back adn ready for his back-dhave

Andrew Duhon

There are a couple of “firsts” on this Happy Hour. It’s the first day Andrew Duhon is back from a months-long tour and it’s the first time Happy Hour is live at The Freret Beer Room. Although it’s only a couple of blocks up the street from our previous home at the now-shuttered Wayfare, the relaxed, comfortable, chic environment is a million miles away.

Photos by Jill Lafleur.

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