Frequent Flier Miles: Literally The Best Thing You Can Do With Them

If you have frequent flier miles and you’ve been wondering “What’s the best thing I can do with them?” Seth Stanton has the answer. You can give them to the organization he founded here in New Orleans called Miles 4 Migrants. Seth and his fellow volunteers at Miles 4 Migrants will use your miles to reunite families who have been separated by conflict or persecution. Can you even imagine a more feel-good thing to do than to use the most ultimate luxury non-necessity in your life to help someone who is in the most dire and desperate need of their life? It’s a world-wide organization and it started right here in New Orleans and, believe it or not, on Reddit.

Ashlye Keaton is no slouch either when it comes to spreading the love around. Ashlye left behind a career as a choreographer  (“not for the New York City Ballet”) and became a lawyer so she could help people. Yes, that does sound totally antithetical to the est if the legal profession but Ashlye is pulling it off. Her organization, The ELLA Project, provides free legal services to musicians.

Darcy Malone and Rory Callais are members of the band, Darcy Malone & The Tangle. Just back from playing in Key West, they play two brand new songs that we’ll find on their upcoming album, and make an aborted start on a jingle for Seth’s day-job business – they get stumped on a trying to find a rhyme for “optometrist.” Got any ideas? Call Darcy on her @BlingCases phone.

You can find photos by Jill Lafleur from this show live from Wayfare. You can join us EVERY week! 

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