DJ Nice Rack has a tattoo on her arm that advertises the fact she’s bisexual. But it hasn’t turned out to convey the message she was anticipating.

DJ Nice Rack

Being openly bisexual, it turns out, just doubles the amount of paranoid insecurity that your partner feels. As DJ Nice Rack puts it on this Happy Hour, “Women think you’re going to leave them for a guy, guys think you’re going to leave them for a woman…” And apparently with good reason given Nice Rack’s self-confessed history. But bisexual paranoia is only one of Ms Rack’s wonderful tales. Arguably Mr Peepers’ adventures in the RV rival it.

L. Kasimu Harris

Don’t ask L. Kasimu Harris what the “L” stands for. He selected his middle name Kasimu as a hipper moniker, and it suits him. Kasimu might be one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet. A photographer for, among others, The New York Times, with solo photography exhibitions across the country, and a parallel career as a writer, you’ll be looking a long time around New Orleans for a more suave, more entertaining, and more genuinely nice guy. Kasimu is the real deal.

DJ Nice Rack, Graham daPonte

Graham daPonte, it turns out, is really D.Graham daPonte. The “d” is for Dorothy but her real name that her family and friends called her all through childhood remains as a big of a secret as the “L” in Kasimu. Graham is a criminal defense attorney who represents people who are looking at death at the hands of the State if Graham screws up in court. As a respite from that kind of stress, Graham produces this podcast.

Happy Hour was recorded live at Wayfare in Uptown New Orleans. If you’d like to know more, including photos by Jill Lafleur, check it out here.