Americans waste 373 million pounds of food each day. That s a pound per
person. On this week s show, we re talking trash in a productive way, of
course We meet a few individuals who are working to tackle the widespread
problem of food and water waste. We begin with Baton Rouge based food
industry veteran Susanne Duplantis. Her blog, Makeover My Leftover, offers
tips on how to transform yesterday s scraps into today s delicious meal.
Next, Lindsay Jean Hard tells us about her her book, Cooking with Scraps,
which provides a reference guide for zero waste cooking. Then, Michael
Hurwitz of GrowNYC joins us to discuss how highly motivated citizens have
been working to make composting a regular part of New York life. Finally,
we dive into the tempestuous depths of global water issues. EPA water
scientist Eliot Sherman discusses water conservation and its impacts on the
food and beverage industry. For more of all things Louisiana Eats, be sure
to visit us at