Brewed Awakenings – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

Coffee, tea, kombucha? What’s brewing in your neck of the woods? On this week’s Louisiana Eats, we’re examining the brewing process from all sides.


First, we’ll meet Austin Sherman and Alexis Korman, founders of Big Easy Bucha – a kombucha brewing business that has set the Gulf South on fire with innovative local flavors. What’s brewing at Big Easy Bucha is a lot more than fermented tea! They’re brewing a healthy, social justice revolution.


Next, we’ll visit Tom Oliver at Coffee Science, to dissect the science behind brewing coffee. Then we meet PJ Coffee’s founder, Phyllis Jordan who brewed up a revolution herself, when she began serving cold brewed iced coffee in New Orleans in the 1980’s.  


We finish with a sudsy brew in hand. Our friends at Courtyard Brewery, supply the beer and share the knowledge behind their self-described, small batch Nano brewery. We’re having a real brouhaha on this week’s Louisiana Eats!

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