This is not a cute click bait podcast title.

Dr. John Sawyer

Dr John Sawyer (you can call him “Johnny Jr” if you want) is the Co-Director of the Brain Health Program at Ochsner Health System. If you want any other reassuring credentials he’s also an ex-seminarian and a married gay man and father of two kids. And he actually, for real, has the keys to human happiness. 


You have to listen to almost this entire podcast to get to the secret of human happiness. Although you could skip right to the last 10 minutes. If you did you’d miss Kandy explaining the plight of being a side-chick – a third woman in a two-person relationship – or a side-dick – a third guy in a two person relationship.

Jonathan Freilich

Kandy also has some insights into human, and her own, sexual behavior, but not quite as radical an insight as Jonathan Freilich, Jonathan is the librettist and composer of a new operetta called Darling, Do Not Be Offended By What I Wrote, which is a faithful operatic telling of the letters James Joyce wrote to his wife, recounting in graphic detail their sexual exploits. Jonathan’s opera is being staged as part of the Bloomsday celebrations in New Orleans, centered on June 16th. More info here.

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Photos at Wayfare by Jill Lafleur