Meet Your Farmers – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

Louisiana Eats ventures from land to sea to learn where our food comes from and meet the people responsible for bringing the bounty to our table.

We begin in Grand Isle, Louisiana, where we meet the Guerreros family of Grand Isle Sea Farms. Owner Marcos Guerrero and his son Boris welcome us aboard their compact bay boat for a morning out on the water to learn the process of oyster farming Louisiana-style.

Then, we visit Gourmet Mushrooms in Sonoma Country, California. The Gourmet Mushroom facility is more of a science lab than a farm!

And what’s the difference between beans and seeds? Portland, Oregon farmer Evan Gregoire joins us to answer that question. He’s the founder of Portland Seedhouse, which maintains a seedbank filled with multiple varieties, each with their own flavor and story.

We’re getting to know our farmers and their goods on this week’s Louisiana Eats!

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