Chris Lee is back! With a brand new record.

Chris Lee 

Chris retired from music for a few years but missed the adulation, and also has a few things to get off his chest. The new songs are gathered under the album title, Protest Songs and Party Anthems and Chris plays one of each on this Happy Hour. After you hear the first song, the question you’re going to have answer is this: should Chris technically get a visit from The Secret Service and get hauled off for questioning? He maintains that he is not actually advocating that we lynch the President, but that we hang him after a trial has found him guilty of treason. It’s a fine line.

 Cliff Ussery, Mary Devon Dupuy

Mary Devon Dupuy is uninviting you to her wedding. Mary Devon is a comedian but she’s not kidding when she says you better not show up at her wedding, even though she somehow mistakenly has listed her wedding openly online complete with directions and an RSVP button. If you Google Mary Devon’s name hopefully by now you won’t find it. But you will find her doing comedy around New Orleans, regularly at The Dragon’s Den where she hosts an evening called F*ck Yeah Comedy. (We have to use the asterisk or they apparently kick us off Facebook and iTunes and other platforms, even though I f’kn Love Science has like a million followers so go figure…)

 Grant Morris, Cliff Ussery

Cliff Ussery didn’t grow up in New Orleans but in a way he did. As a kid Cliff’s parents sent him here in the Summer to hang with his cousins. Now as an adult he’s come back. Wait till you hear what he’s been up to working for The Saints and Pelicans. Professional sports is apparently rough at every level, even for the poor unpaid suckers who sell T-shirts at games. 

 Andrew Duhon

Andrew Duhon is gearing up for Breakfest, his annual Jazz fest early morning concert. This year it comes complete with a string quartet. If you’ve never been it’s totally recommended.

Raconteur Chris Lee entertains Grant Morris, Cliff Ussery, Mary Devon Dupuy, Andrew Duhon,

Photos at Wayfare by Jill Lafleur.