Spooky Eats – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

It’s that haunting time of year again, when pumpkins glow and black cats screech, and you can be guaranteed we’re ghost hunting on this week’s show!


To begin, we share a supernatural encounter at Tableau Restaurant on Jackson Square. Suffice it to say, Tableau’s ghosts know how to make the bottles fly better than any bartender.


Next, our tour of restaurant ghosts brings us to the Napoleon House. When Ralph Brennan acquired the Napoleon House in 2015, he adopted its many apparitions as well. 


We also stop by Tujague’s to search for Julian Eltinge, the restaurant’s beloved ghost, who haunts the legendary establishment in drag. We may even receive a visitation from New Orleans’ original celebrity chef, Madame Begue, who has some unfinished business at the second oldest restaurant in the city.


We then move from New Orleans’ second oldest to its oldest restaurant, Antoine’s, where Lisa Blount gives us a tour of their ghostliest sites. 


From there, we journey up to Mamou, Louisiana to visit the Hotel Cazan. During our stay, we discover the mysteries of Mamou and encounter some of the Hotel’s unearthly residents. 


Then, we indulge in some pumpkin spice at Slow Food Nations in Denver, where two food exhibitors take their love of the orange gourd to a whole new level.


Finally, we learn all about the business of writing tales of the dead with Times Picayune obituary writer, John Pope, who compiled years of work in a collection of obituaries – Getting Off At Elysian Fields.  You’ll be amazed to learn that John has prepared files full of obituaries for famous New Orleanians years before their actual demise.


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