A Feast For The Senses – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

This week’s show is, in a word, sensational. Join us as we delve into the many ways that our other four senses experience food.


We begin in Baton Rouge at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum. Their food photography exhibit, A Feast for the Eyes, runs the gamut from still lifes to the avant-garde. And it’s on view at LASM through September 16.


Then, author Molly Birnbaum shares the story of losing her sense of smell, and how it forever changed her relationship with food.


Next, writer Scott Gold brings us an ode to the olfactory. People from around the world know the iconic sights and gyrating sounds of New Orleans, but only the locals know it by another sense. 


We also speak with Chef Pinky Harris, who tells her story of becoming a chef, all while tackling the challenges that come from being legally blind from birth. 


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Sandy Skoglund, Peas on a Plate, 1978. © 1978 Sandy Skoglund; Courtesy RYAN LEE Gallery, New York